This volume is the result of the efforts of a good many people who have my deepest gratitude, some of whom I may neglect to mention here, fallible memory being what it is. I am beholden to Mickey Pearlman, who contacted me and urged me to offer my services to Facts On File; to Anne Savarese, former Facts On File editor, who worked with me to conceive this project and set it in motion; to Jeff Soloway, senior editor at Facts On File, whose patience, care, and acuity have been indispensable; and to Jessica Allen, whose perspicacity in copyediting has been more than one could have hoped for. I must also thank my colleagues at New Jersey Institute of Technology for their encouragement and understanding and, in some cases, their participation— especially Robert E. Lynch and Norbert Elliot, who, along with Doris Zames Fleischer, Robert S. Friedman,

Christopher Funkhouser, and Nikki Stiller, contributed essays to this book. I am also profoundly thankful for the intelligence and time Norbert Elliot, Tom Fink, and Sherry Kearns (who also contributed essays), as well as Jeff Soloway, donated to the writing of the book's introduction. And I am grateful to Burton Hatlen for his wonderful foreword to the book. I must also thank the many contributors to this volume, whose knowledge, wit, and graceful writing will surely make it a success. Lastly, I am, as always, most thankful for the good natured love and support of my wife, Diane Simmons, and our daugther, Jane Kimmelman, without whom none of this would have been possible.

—Burt Kimmelman

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