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SEXTON, ANNE (1928-1974) Anne Sexton helped to expand the subject repertoire of confessional poetry to include issues and experiences specific to women: the fertility cycle, birth, child rearing, objecti-fication, and sexual violence. She is an important figure in the intersection of confessional poetry and feminist poetry (see female voice, female language). Sexton is associated with Robert lowell, with whom she studied, and with her friends Sylvia plath and George Starbuck, both of whom influenced her work. W D. snodgrass and Maxine kumin were early mentors and close friends. Sexton's influence can be seen in the work of Plath, as well as Sharon olds, Adrienne rich, and other poets interested in women's issues.

Anne Harvey was born in Newton, Massachusetts, and attended boarding and finishing schools in the Boston area. Indications of serious emotional problems began appearing early in adolescence, but her parents resisted placing her in treatment. It was only after a series of affairs threatened her marriage to Alfred Muller Sexton II, with whom she eloped in 1948, that Sexton turned to psychotherapy. Her emotional problems worsened—she was hospitalized with postpartum depression after the birth of her first child, Linda, in 1953, and struggled with breakdowns and suicidal urges thereafter. Treatment, though only intermittently successful in relieving

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