Cyberpoetry Dissemination

Popular and long-established listservs and other places on the Internet containing cyberpoetry include Sondheim and Laurie Cubbison's WRYTING, for collaborative writing, where Sondheim, Shiela E. Murphy, Peter Ganick, Ivan Arguelles, and others write poems together; Charles Bernstein's POETICS, for discussions of poetics and innovative post-LANGUAGE poetry; Annie finch's WOM-PO, for women's poetry; and John Kin-

sella's POETRYETC, for international poetry in English. on-line hubs of American cyberpoetry and poetry include Loss Pequeño Glazier's Electronic Poetry Center and Michael Neff's Web del Sol. The website Poetry Daily offers a new poem each day. Most of its poems are traditional, and not cyberpoetry, but the dissemination of traditional poetry on-line offers poets an introduction to reading and writing cyberpoetry.

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