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(Ted) Enslin is one of the most prolific poets of the late 20th century. His work has often been associated with the objectivist and black mountain schools. His lyrical verse, however, although esteemed by writers and critics alike, is not widely known because Enslin is not a self-promoter, has no academic affiliation, and has published almost exclusively with small poetry presses. Enslin's professional obscurity also underscores his generous spirit, which infuses each poem with uncompromising singularity and intimacy. He writes neither for a partisan audience nor for a literary market trend, but simply for the sheer pleasure of discovery that poetry discloses between writer and reader, which he describes as "the only joy" in writing (Taggart Truck 118). Influenced by the works of Cid corman, George oppen, William Carlos WILLIAMS, and Louis zukofsky, Enslin's writing has also been compared to that of Robert creeley, Larry eigner, Lorine niedecker, and Charles olson.

Enslin was born in Chester, Pennsylvania, to parents who were classical scholars and educators. During the war years, he studied musical composition in Cambridge, Massachusetts, with Nadia Boulanger and Francis Judd Cooke and later attended the New England Conservatory of Music. Enslin moved to Cape

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