Eshleman Clayton

Cod in 1946, then to Maine in 1960, where he currently resides, writes, and crafts walking sticks. Enslin won the Niemann Award (1955) for his weekly newspaper column, "Six Miles Square," in the Cape Codder. Origin Press published his first book, The Work Proposed (1958). Enslin has since produced more than 70 volumes, including To Come, To Have Become (1966), which won the Hart crane Award, The Weather Within (1985), and Re-Sounding: Selected Later Poems (1999).

Although landscape figures significantly in Enslins poetry and poetics, he considers himself neither a poet of nature nor a regional writer. Three major, interconnected themes inform this poet's oeuvre: music, observation, and discovery. Enslin recalls that, as early as 1959, he became aware that his musical training "was something that [he] was using in the writing of poetry" (Nowak 396). Love and Science (1990), for example, reflects a patient attunement to the poem as lyric, object, and gift by embracing the cadence of things both present and absent, sonorous and silent: "as a movement from itself the sound ... is discovery" (#49).

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