Ferlinghetti Lawrence 161

narrative and identification. Hejinian's book-length poem My Life (1987) became one of the most successful examples of this. This lengthy poem, in which each stanza corresponds to a year of the poet's life, complicates poetic autobiography's reliance on narrative and lyrical self-knowledge by stressing the physicality, the patterning, and the unreliability of memory. At the same time this attention to the sensuality of memory, suggested in repeated phrases, such as "a pause, a rose, something on paper," enriches what this form can be assumed to contain. The scrutiny given in such experimental writing to the politics of representations of women in a variety of social and historical contexts means that, despite its controversial relationship to many of the assumptions about second-wave feminist poetry, it remains committed to many of aims of the women's movement as they have developed during the past 30 years.

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