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to personal. While in his midcareer he tried freer forms, later, with "For me: no music, no poem" (1999), he returned to the rhymes and metrical forms of which he is a master (see prosody and free verse). Gavin Ewart declared Snodgrass "one of the six best poets now writing in English" (Ewart 165). How one appraises Snod-grass depends, in large part, on larger questions about what constitutes art, as well as about accepting intimacy and trusting the artist's truthfulness. Such simplicity, ease, and directness combined with such craft makes some readers wary. Classical sincerity or a Trojan horse? Intelligence, irony, and imagery presented musically and metrically are Snodgrass's prodigious gifts. Spirited and serious with a comical name, the poet asserts "Snodgrass is walking through the universe" ("These Trees Stand" [1981]).

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