I would like to thank Andrew McNeillie for catching me at an MLA Convention book exhibit while I was hunting for a coffee stand and suggesting that I take on this project, and to Karen Wilson, Janet Moth, Emma Bennett, and the patient editorial and production staff at Blackwell for all their help. I have benefited greatly by suggestions from my colleagues at the College of William and Mary, Tom Heacox, Henry Hart, Hermine Pinson, and Nancy Schoenberger. Writers and teachers Sam Kashner and Lizbeth Keiley also provided helpful information. Christopher Bram, a William and Mary graduate who returned for a stint as Writer in Residence, generously reviewed and commented upon my proposed texts and writers. Burton Hatlen at the National Poetry Foundation kindly answered some questions. Glen MacLeod at the University of Connecticut solicited for me the helpful views of a number of contemporary poets, including Marilyn Nelson, Marilyn Hacker, and Margaret Gibson, and also shared his expertise on Wallace Stevens. Finally, I will always be grateful to the late Tony Tanner and to A. Walton Litz for being exemplary teachers, and for introducing me to the world of American literature and modern American poetry.

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Every effort has been made to trace copyright holders and to obtain their permission for the use of copyright material. The author and publisher will gladly receive any information enabling them to rectify any error or omission in subsequent editions.

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