American Poetry


äfk Blackwell

Twentieth-Century American Poetry

Series editor: Jonathan Wordsworth

This new series offers the student thorough and lively introductions to literary periods, movements, and, in some instances, authors (Shakespeare) and genres (the novel), from Anglo-Saxon to the Postmodern. Each volume is written by a leading specialist to be invitingly accessible and informative. Chapters are devoted to the coverage of cultural context, the provision of brief but detailed biographical essays on the authors concerned, critical coverage of key works, and surveys of themes and topics, together with bibliographies of selected further reading. In the case of Shakespeare space otherwise afforded to authors will be devoted to documenting the theatre of the day. Students new to a period of study (for example, the English Renaissance, or the Romantic period) or to a period genre (the nineteenth-century novel, Victorian poetry) will discover all they need to know to orientate and ground themselves in their studies, in volumes that are as stimulating to read as they are convenient to use.

Titles published to date include

The English Renaissance Children's Literature The Gothic

Twentieth-Century American Poetry

Andrew Hadfield Peter Hunt

David Punter and Glennis Byron Christopher MacGowan

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