They left my hands like a printer's Or thief's before a police blotter & pulled me into early morning's Terrestrial sweetness, so thick The damp ground was consecrated Where they fell among a garland of thorns.

Although I could smell old lime-covered History, at ten I'd still hold out my hands & berries fell into them. Eating from one & filling a half gallon with the other, I ate the mythology & dreamt Of pies & cobbler, almost

Needful as forgiveness. My bird dog Spot Eyed blue jays & thrashers. The mud frogs In rich blackness, hid from daylight. An hour later, beside City Limits Road I balanced a gleaming can in each hand, Limboed between worlds, repeating "One dollar."

The big blue car made me sweat.

Wintertime crawled out of the windows.

When I leaned closer I saw the boy

& girl my age, in the big backseat

Smirking, & it was then I remembered my fingers

Burning with thorns among berries too ripe to touch.

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