Metrical Charm 1 For Unfruitful Land

Verse Indeterminate Saxon

Her ys seo bot, hu u meaht pine «ceras betan gif hi nellap wel wexan oppe p«r hwilc ungedefe ping on gedon bi on dry oe on lyblace. Genim ponne on niht, «r hyt dagige, feower tyrf on feower healfa p«s landes, and gemearca

hu hy «r stodon. Nim ponne ele and hunig and beorman, and «lces feos meolc pe on p«m lande sy, and «lces treow-cynnes d«l pe on p«m lande sy gewexen, butan heardan beaman, and «lcre namcupre wyrte d«l, butan glappan anon, and do ponne haligw«ter «r on, and drype ponne priwa on

pone staol para turfa, and cwepe onne as word: Crescite, wexe, et multiplicamini, and gem«nigfealda, et replete , and gefylle, terre, pas eoran. In nomine patris et filii et spiritus sancti sit benedicti. And Pater Noster swa oft swa p«t oer. And bere sippan a turf to circean, and m«ssepreost asinge

feower m«ssan ofer pan turfon, and wende man p«t grene to an weofode, and sippan gebringe man pa turf p«r hi «r w«ron «r sunnan setlgange. And h«bbe him g«worht of cwicbeame feower Cristes m«lo and awrite on «lcon ende: Matheus and Marcus, Lucas and Iohannes. Lege p«t

Cristes m«l on pone pyt neopeweardne, cwee onne: Crux Matheus, crux Marcus, crux Lucas, crux sanctus Iohannes. Nim onne pa turf and sete «r ufon on and cwepe onne nigon sipon pas word, Crescite, and swa oft Pater Noster, and wende pe ponne eastweard, and onlut nigon sion

eadmodlice, and cwe ponne pas word:

Eastweard ic stande, arena ic me bidde, bidde ic pone m«ran domine, bidde one miclan drihten, bidde ic one haligan heofonrices weard, eoran ic bidde and upheofon

and a sopan sancta Marian and heofones meaht and heahreced, p«t ic mote pis gealdor mid gife drihtnes toum ontynan purh trumne gepanc, aweccan pas w«stmas us to woruldnytte,

gefyllan pas foldan mid feste geleafan, wlitigigan pas wancgturf, swa se witega cw«

p«t se h«fde are on eorprice, se pe «lmyssan d«lde domlice drihtnes pances.

Wende pe ponne III sunganges, astrece ponne on andlang

and arim p«r letanias and cwe ponne: Sanctus, sanctus, sanctus op ende. Sing ponne Benedicite apenedon earmon and Magnificat and Pater Noster III, and bebeod hit Criste and sancta Marian and p«re halgan rode to lofe and to weorpinga and to are pam pe p«t land age and eallon pam pe

him undereodde synt. onne p«t eall sie gedon, ponne nime man uncup s«d «t «lmesmannum and selle him twa swylc, swylce man «t him nime, and gegaderie ealle his sulhgeteogo tog«dere; borige ponne on pam beame stor and finol and gehalgode sapan and gehalgod sealt. Nim ponne

p«t s«d, sete on p«s sules bodig, cwe ponne: Erce, Erce, Erce, eorpan modor, geunne pe se alwalda, ece drihten, «cera wexendra and wridendra, eacniendra and elniendra,

sceafta hehra, scirra w«stma, and p«ra bradan berew«stma, and p«ra hwitan hw«tew«stma, and ealra eorpan w«stma. Geunne him ece drihten

and his halige, pe on heofonum synt, p«t hys yrp si gefripod wi ealra feonda gehw«ne, and heo si geborgen wi ealra bealwa gehwylc, para lyblaca geond land sawen.

Nu ic bidde one waldend, se e as woruld gesceop,

p«t ne sy nan to p«s cwidol wif ne to p«s cr«ftig man p«t awendan ne m«ge word pus gecwedene. ponne man pa sulh for drife and pa forman furh onsceote, cwe ponne:

Hal wes pu, folde, fira modor!

Beo pu growende on godes f«pme, fodre gefylled firum to nytte.

Nim ponne «lces cynnes melo and abac« man innewerdre handa bradn« hlaf and gecned hine mid meolce and mid haligw«tere and lecge under pa forman furh. Cwepe ponne:

Ful «cer fodres fira cinne, beorhtblowende, pu gebletsod weorp p«s haligan noman pe as heofon gesceop and as eorpan pe we on lifiap;

se god, se pas grundas geworhte, geunne us growende gife,

p«t us corna gehwylc cume to nytte.

Cwe ponne III Crescite in nomine patris, sit benedicti.

Amen and Pater Noster priwa.

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