Metrical Charm 6 For Delayed Birth

Verse Indeterminate Saxon

Se wifman, se hire cild afedan ne m«g, gange to gewitenes mannes birgenne and steppe ponne priwa ofer pa byrgenne and cwepe ponne priwa pas word: pis me to bote p«re lapan tetbyrde,

pis me to bote p«re sw«ran sw^rbyrde, pis me to bote p«re laan lambyrde.

And ponne p«t wif seo mid bearne and heo to hyre hlaforde on reste ga, ponne cwepe heo:

Up ic gonge, ofer pe steppe

mid cwican cilde, nates mid cwellendum, mid fulborenum, nates mid tegan.

And ponne seo modor gefele p«t p«t bearn si cwic, ga ponne to cyrican, and ponne heo toforan pan weofode cume, cwepe ponne:

Criste, ic s«de, pis gecyped! Se wifmon, se hyre bearn afedan ne m«ge, genime heo sylf hyre agenes cildes gebyrgenne d«l, wry «fter ponne on blace wulle and bebicge to cepemannum and cwepe ponne: Ic hit bebicge, ge hit bebicgan,

pas sweartan wulle and pysse sorge corn. Se wifman, se ne m«ge bearn afedan, nime ponne anes bleos cu meoluc on hyre hand« and gesupe ponne mid hyre mupe and gange ponne to yrnendum w«tere and spiwe p«r in pa meolc and hlade ponne mid p«re ylcan hand p«s

w«teres mu fulne and forswelge. Cwepe ponne pas word:

Gehwer ferde ic me pone m«ran maga pihtan, mid pysse m«ran mete pihtan;

ponne ic me wille habban and ham gan.

ponne heo to pan broce ga, ponne ne beseo heo, no ne eft

ponne heo panan ga, and ponne ga heo in oper hus oper heo ut ofeode and p«r gebyrge metes.

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