The Gloria I

Verse Indeterminate Saxon

Gloria.. Sy pe wuldor and lof wide geopenod geond ealle peoda, panc and wylla, m«gen and mildse and ealles modes lufu,

sofestra sib, and ines sylfes dom worulde gewlitegod, swa u wealdan miht eall eoran m«gen and uplyfte, wind and wolcna. Wealdest eall on riht. Patri et filio et spiritui sancto.

pu eart frofra feder and feorhhyrde, lifes latteow, leohtes wealdend, asyndrod fram synnum, swa in sunu m«re purh cl«ne gecynd, cyning ofer ealle, beald gebletsod, boca lareow,

heah higefrofer and halig gast.

Sicut erat in principio. Swa w«s on fruman frea mancynnes ealre worulde wlite and frofer, cl«ne and cr«ftig. pu gecyddest p«t

pa u, ece god, ana gewrohtest purh halige miht heofonas and eoran, eardas and uplyft and ealle ping. pu settest on foldan swye feala cynna and tosyndrodost hig syon on m«nego;

pu gewrohtest, ece god, ealle gesceafta on syx dagum, and on pone seofoan pu gerestest. pa w«s geforad pin fegere weorc, and u sunnand«g sylf halgodest and gem«rsodest hine manegum to helpe.

pone heahan d«g ealle pa e cunnon halige heortlufan on drihtnes namon Et nunc et semper.

And nu and symble pine soan weorc and in mycele miht manegum swytela, swa pine cr«ftas heo cyap wide ofer ealle woruld; ece standep godes handgeweorc, growe swa u hete.

Ealle pe heria halige dreamas cl«nre stefne and cristene bec, eall middaneard, and we men cwepa on grunde her: "Gode lof and anc, ece willa, and in agen dom!"

Et is secula seculorum. And on worulda woruld wuna and rixa cyning innan wuldre and his pa gecorenan, healda and freoiap cristene peawas, and «s hehstan gebod; se d«g is gewurod.

heahprymnesse haliges gastes, wlitige englas and wuldorgyfe, soe sibbe, sawla pancung, modes miltse. p«r is seo m«ste lufu; haligdomes heofonas syndon purh pine ecan word «ghw«r fulle, swa syndon pine mihta ofer middangeard swutele and gesyne, p«t u hy sylf worhtest. Amen. We p«t solice secga ealle: purh cfene gecynd pu eart cyning on riht, cfene and craftig. pu gecyddest p«t pa u, mihtig god, man geworhtest and him on dydest oru and sawul, sealdest word and gewitt and w«stma gecynd, cyddest pine craftas. Swylc is Cristes miht!

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