The Paris Psalter Psalm 121

Verse Indeterminate Saxon

Ic on yssum eom eallum blie, p«t me culice to acweden syndon, and on godes hus gange syan. W^ron feststealle fotas mine

on pinum cafertunum, p^r ure cy w«s,

on Hierusalem geara «rest. Hierusalem, geara u w«re swa swa cymlic ceaster getimbred, p«r syndon d«las on sylfre hire.

p«r cneorisse cende w«ron cynn «fter cynne; cuan pa drihten and on p«re gewitnesse w«ran Israelas, pe his naman neode sceoldon him andetnes «ghw«r habban.

Oft hi p«r on seldon s«ton «t domum; pu eart onne dema, Dauides hus, p«t on heofenum sitep heah gestaelod. Bidda eow bealde beorhtere sibbe, a e on Hierusalem gode syndan;

and geniht agun, pa pe neode pe on heora lufun lustum healda. Si pe on pinum m«gene sib m«st and fyrmest, and on pinum torrum wese tidum genihtsum. For mine broru ic bidde nu,

and mine pa neahstan nemne swylce, p«t we sibbe on e symble habbon. And ic for mines godes huse georne pingie, and to minum drihtne deorum sece, p«t ic god «t him begitan mote.

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