By Alfadhel Ibn Alabas

WHY thus to passion give the rein?

Why seek your kindred tribe to wrong? Why strive to drag to light again The fatal feud entombed so long?

Think not, if fury ye display, But equal fury we can deal; Hope not, if wronged, but we repay Revenge for every wrong we feel.

Why thus to passion give the rein? Why seek the robe of peace to tear? Rash youths, desist! your course restrain; Or dread the wrath ye blindly dare!

Yet friendship we nor ask from foes, Nor favour hope from you to prove: We loved you not, great Allah knows! Nor blamed you that ye could not love.

To each are different feelings given; This slights, and that regards his brother: 'Tis ours to live—thanks to kind Heaven— Hating and hated by each other.

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