As You Came From The Holy Land

Sir Walter Raleigh (ca. 15807-1593?) "As You

Came from the Holy Land" is a brief poem attributed to Sir Walter Raleigh. Like most of Raleigh's poetry, it serves as a tribute and complaint to Queen Elizabeth I, "Who like a queen, like a nymph, did appear" (l. 15). The poem shares Raleigh's recurrent theme of a suitor abandoned by his love. In this case his love has ventured on pilgrimage and no longer loves him, for he is old: "Love likes not the falling fruit / From the withered tree" (ll. 27-28). The date of the poem is unknown, but it was probably written in the 1580s or early 1590s, during the height of Raleigh's career in Elizabeth's court. The authorship of the poem is also unclear, and while attributed to Raleigh in various compilations after his death, there are no early manuscripts to prove authorship.

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