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Lisa L. Borden-King

CONSTABLE, HENRY (1562-1613) Henry Constable earned a B.A. from Cambridge in 1580. He then served briefly as an English secret agent until being accused of treason due to his Roman Catholic faith. Spurned and bitter, Constable became an agent for the pope and the king of France. He was captured and sent to the Tower of London in 1601/2, where he remained until 1604. Upon his release, Constable returned to France. He died in Li├Ęge in 1613.

Many scholars believe Constable's poetry crucial to the development of the sonnet tradition, having a particularly strong influence on William Shakespeare. Constable's sonnet sequence Diana, published in 1592, relies on the PETRARCHan tradition but is also indebted to contemporary French poetry (particularly that of Desportes). The result is a unique fusion of cultures. Constable's sonnets are often considered to be measured responses to beauty, rich with images of fire, color, and nature. Rapture is also a central concern of Constable's work, which includes Spiritual Sonnets, a pastoral version of Venus and Adonis presented as a canzone; the song "Diaphenia"; and four sonnets dedicated to the soul of Sir Philip Sidney, which were attached to an edition of his Defense of Poesy.

See also "To St. Mary Magdalen."

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