Cynthia with Certain Sonnets Sonnet 19 Ah no nor I myself though my pure love Rich

ard Barnfield (1595) Fidelity in love on the part of the Daphnis in Sonnet 19 elevates what is physical desire to the love of a divine being, a reference to Sonnet 9. Beginning with what seems to be an abbreviated conversation—"Ah no" and "nor I my selfe" (l. 1)—the speaker bespeaks his fidelity in "pure love" (l. 1) to last until his death, perhaps wishing that this depth of love would move Ganymede. Quickly, however, Daphnis notes that Ganymede's divine status should not make him oblivious to the possibility of love. Even in a divine heart, "loves fire" (l. 7) can be felt. Enumerating the reasons for his love, the speaker celebrates beauty and the loss of his soul to Ganymede.

Since Richard Barnfield has used language and letters playfully throughout the sonnet sequence, he has Daphnis to say "Even so of all the vowels, I and U, / Are dearest unto me, as doth ensue" (ll. 13-14). It is as if the letters themselves become emblems of the affection that represent them. Sometimes vowels in words are separated by consonants. Daphnis envisions a world where the two letters—the two of them—can be together.

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CYWYDD Considered the most important metrical form of medieval Welsh poetry, the cywydd was the favorite meter of the Poets of the Nobility and continues to be used today. Cywydd is composed of seven-syllable lines arranged in rhyming couplets, one ending with a stressed syllable and the other with an unstressed syllable (masculine/ feminine pattern). There is no set number of couplets employed. A variation of cywydd had the odd-numbered lines rhyme with the middle of the even-numbered lines, and the even-numbered lines rhyme with each other. This formula works best with interlocked couplets. The poems of Dafydd ap Gwilym sometimes display cywydd.

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