Drayton Michael 15631631 Michael

Drayton was born in Hartshill, England, to Christopher and Margerie Drayton. During his youth, he became page to Sir Henry Goodeere, who later became his patron and funded Drayton's education. The close association with Goodeere and his family had great influence on Drayton, and many believe Goodeere's daughter, Anne, became the inspiration for his sonnet sequences.

Drayton published his poetry from 1591 to 1630. He is often remembered for revising his previous works and publishing them under a different name. His first published work was Harmonie of the Church (1591). Drayton's later works were influenced by Edmund Spenser, especially in his pastoral series Idea the Shep-heards Garland. In 1594, he published Ideas Mirrour, sometimes referred to as Amours. England's Heroical Epistles (1597) has been considered one of Drayton's finest works. He also wrote one play, The First Part of Sir John Oldcastle. His other works include: "Ode to the Virginian Voyage"; Nymphidia, the Court of the Fairy; and The Muses' Elizium.

Michael Drayton is critically admired for his pastorals and odes, and his literary works greatly influenced his contemporaries. Drayton died on December 2, 1631, and is buried in Poet's Corner in Westminster Abbey.

See also quatorzain.

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