English Chaucerians This is the name

given to a group of 15th-century English writers and associated texts written after Geoffrey Chaucer's death. These writings reflect Chaucerian form, content, tone, vocabulary, and style. A number of them even cite Chaucer directly, as both source and inspiration. This


group includes John Lydgate, Thomas Hoccleve, Benedict Burgh (d. ca. 1483), George Ashby (d. 1537), Henry Bradshaw (d. 1513), George Ripley (15th century), Thomas Norton (1532-1584), and Osbern Boke-nam (1393-ca. 1447). The texts (and thus their anonymous authors) include the so-called chaucerian Apocrypha: The Tale of Gamelyn, The Tale of Beryn (The Second Merchant's Tale), La Belle Dame sans Merci, The Cuckoo and the Nightingale, The Assembly of Ladies, The Flower and Leaf, and The Court of Love. These last group of texts include a number of dream visions. Some scholars also consider several texts within the Piers Plowman tradition to be the work of English Chauceri-ans, and originally a number of those works were erroneously attributed to Chaucer. There is also some debate as to whether or not John Gower should be included in this group, since he was Chaucer's direct contemporary, not a follower, and a well-known author in his own right. The northern writers influenced by Chaucer are generally referred to as the Scottish Chaucerians. Differences can be found between the two groups, particularly in political stance and language usage.

The influence of Chaucer on English poetry of all dialects, especially immediately after his demise, is unprecedented and clearly demonstrates his importance within the vernacular tradition, in addition to solidifying his place within the English literary canon.

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