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Eischlin, Daniel T. "'The Highest Key of Passion': Inex-pressibility and Metaphors of Self in John Dowland's the First Booke of Songs or Ayres." Journal of the Lute Society of America 20 & 21 (1987): 46-86. Pilkington, Michael. Campion, Dowland, and the Lutenist Songwriters. Bloomington: Indiana University Press, 1989.

DOWRICHE, ANNE EDGECUMBE (15501638) Anne Dowriche was raised in Cornwall but moved to Exeter after her marriage. She was a staunch Protestant who fervently believed in a multinational Catholic conspiracy. Little else is known about her life, although her family was quite prominent. Her grandfather, Sir Richard Edgecumbe, was a country gentleman. Her brother, Pearse Edgecumbe, to whom she addressed the preface of her poem The French History, served as a member of Parliament for six terms. Her first husband, the Rev. Hugh Dowriche, associated with those active in arguing for Puritan-like reforms to the English Church during the reign of Queen Elizabeth I.

Dowriche wrote in an age that severely restricted women's participation in public debate. Her only other surviving published works are some verses included with Hugh Dowriche's The Jaylors Conversion (1596), titled "Verses written by a gentlewoman upon The Jaylors Conversion," and signed by "AD." These exhort the faithful to endure suffering patiently, since "The rod that doth correct our life, / And sinfull waies reproue, / Is said to be a certain signe, / Of Gods eternal loue." See also Tudor women writers.

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