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Mark DiCicco

JAMES VI/I (1566-1625) king of Scotland [as James VI] and England [as James I] The first monarch of England from the House of Stuart, and the first to unite the crowns of the three kingdoms (England, Ireland, and Scotland), James Stuart was born in June 1566 to Mary, Queen of Scots. Following his mother's forced abdication, the 13-month-old "cradle king" was crowned sovereign and baptized in July 1567. James ruled Scotland as James VI from 1567 on, and England and Ireland as James I beginning in 1603, following the death of England's queen Elizabeth I.

James married Anne of Denmark by proxy in 1589, and between 1594 and 1607, they had seven children, three of whom survived to adulthood. Throughout his reign, James maintained a querulous relationship with Parliament, as he was a firm adherent to the divine right of kingship, believing the monarch to be a direct extension of God on earth.

An educated and learned man, James authored several works on a wide variety of subjects: The Essays of a Prentice in the Divine Art of Poesy (1584) addresses

English literary theory; Daemonologie (1597) covers the occult; Basilikon Doron (1599) and The True Law of Free Monarchies (1598) articulate his theories of kingship. Involvement in contemporary theological culture and political debates was a hallmark of James's intellectual acuity throughout his tenure as monarch.

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