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Loomis, Richard, and Dafydd Johnston, eds. and trans. Medieval Welsh Poems. Binghamton, N.Y.: Medieval & Renaissance Texts & Studies, 1992.

Kathleen H. Formosa

POETS OF THE PRINCES (fl. ca. 11001282) The Poets of the Princes sang in the courts of the independent Welsh princes. They held official court positions since poetic recitals served a ceremonial function, and their duties, status, and rights were defined and protected by law. Thematically, their poetry is deliberately nostalgic, celebrating ancient Welsh heroes and featuring elaborate genealogies. Common poetic conventions included hyperbolic praise, ornate metric forms, and complex alliteration, as well as internal and end rhyme. These poets were the direct inheritors of a venerable, distinctly Welsh tradition founded by Aneirin and Taliesin, and include such writers as Cynddelw and Cuhelyn of Cemais. See also Poets of the Nobility; Welsh Women Poets.

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