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PYNSON, RICHARD (ca. 1449-1529) printer

An important figure in the early years of English printing, Richard Pynson was Norman by birth but lived and worked in England. He began his printing career around 1490 out of a shop located in the Strand, outside the Temple Bar. He produced his first book late in 1492 and received his patent of naturalization in the following year. Within a decade, Pynson moved to the City of London. In 1506, Pynson succeeded William Faques as printer to the king; he served under both Henry VII and Henry VIII.

In the four decades of his career as a printer, Pynson produced about 400 books; between them, Pynson and Wynkyn de Worde printed two-thirds of all English books from 1490 to 1530. One of Pynson's main publishing interests was in law books, for which he held the sales monopoly. He was also involved in the production of popular literary works, including Geoffrey Chaucer's The Canterbury Tales (1492), as well as devotional texts and hagiographies. overall, Pynson successfully balanced his official status with commercial considerations and, in so doing, helped to firmly establish the printing press in England. See also Caxton, William; hagiography.

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