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The experience that a woman has during childbirth shapes how the rest of her child-raising experience goes, in many ways. A good birth can have a huge effect on how good you feel about your child, whereas a bad birth can often lead to feelings of sadness or PDST-type symptoms due to the pain and struggle of the birth experience. However, you don't need to worry about that now, because the information in this book gives you ALL of the experience and expert advice that you need in order to have a really amazing birth, that really marked that day as the truly special day that it is. This book teaches you how to use natural, holistic remedies to heal yourself during pregnancy in order to make sure that you feel your best during the whole birth experience. You can also learn everything you need to know about natural birth Everything you need to know to have a great pregnancy and birth is in this guide! Continue reading...

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The Movement For Birthing

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Tradition and the Rise of the Universities

The economic troubles of the 1930s gave birth to a number of politically radical magazines whose pages were open to poetry, but which preferred poetry in line with their own political views. Relevance became an issue for some editors and critics, and high modernism was viewed with suspicion by some for what were regarded as its insular concerns with questions of form, and its elitist sense of audience. Of prominent poets, Robert Frost and Wallace Stevens particularly encountered criticism for writing poetry cut off from current events, although from the perspective of more than 50 years later critics can link their work convincingly to cultural and political events of the decade. When it didn't refer to a political position, relevance often meant writing about a recognizable contemporary world outside of the poem, as well as writing in a more inviting - usually traditional - way.

London Faber Faber 1965

Childbirth (in January 1962 Plath's second child, Nicholas, was born) an awareness - sometimes accompanied by violence - of the body as object the rituals of writing domesticity, hospitals, and beekeeping (the last an interest of Plath's father) oppressive male figures the pain that love can bring escape, and death. Although the subjects and even the attitudes of many of the poems can be tied to the persons, places, and events of Plath's private life in the period in which she wrote Ariel, her placement within the mode of Confessional poet has sometimes obscured the ways in which the poems project a self or series of selves that are not necessarily the individual poet, but rather a more wide-ranging self facing the oppression of history, particularly that of the Second World War, in addition to private losses and betrayals. In particular, some of Plath's imagery of the Holocaust and of male oppression as historically associated with fascism, which has come in for some criticism as...

To His Mistress Going To

The speaker begins, Come, Madam, come, all rest my powers defy, Until I labor, I in labor lie. The second line offers an example of balance in language, as well as a clever play on words. The first use of the term labor indicates man's physical work, while the second connotes the type of labor women undergo during birth, connoting both physical and emotional work or anguish. The term of address Donne adopts, Madam, indicates the speaker does not deal with an inexperienced maiden, countering the traditional seduction poem, which generally focused on a virgin. He continues with balance in mind, writing in the third line, The foe oft-times, having the foe in sight, Is tired with standing though he never fight. The fourth line appears to offer a paradox, as when one encounters a foe, it is generally in anticipation of a battle. However, the fight the speaker faces is one of logic. He must convince his lover to ignore conventional social rules regarding gender behavior, as those rules...

How Soon hath Time Sonnet

By referencing the duplicity of woman in proposing the veil as something that both reveals and hides, Butler emphasizes dishonesty as a theme. He continues to prove his satiric prowess with topics other than the Knight and his ilk in a parody of the classics. As many ancient writers had, the speaker greets the dawn, saying, The sun had long since in the lap Of Thetis taken out his nap, alluding to the goddess who gave birth, with a human, to the great Greek warrior Achilles. However, Butler immediately undercuts any signs of serious design when he uses figurative language in a decidedly undesirable metaphor, writing, And, like a lobster boiled, the morn From black to red began to turn. He inverts the normal symbolism of morning as new life by alluding to death, both in the boiling alive of the lobster and the use of red, a traditional symbol for blood. In addition, the night is described as black, a traditional symbol of death. In part III Butler reveals an unflattering view of...

Sky And Earth As A Pair

If Zeus is not Gaia's standard consort, he is Demeter's and Semele's. We have seen that both of these are likely to have been in origin manifestations of the Indo-European Mother Earth, adopted by the Greeks from neighbour peoples. Demeter in union with Zeus gives birth to Persephone, who is intimately associated with the growth of crops. Semele has a more electrifying encounter with the Sky-god she is struck by lightning. Her child, Dionysus, is again a deity much involved with fertility and growth.

Methought I Saw My Late Espoused Saint Sonnet Xxii John

Milton (1658) Critics continue to debate the subject of the sonnet by John Milton Methought I Saw My Late Espoused Saint. While probably one of Milton's first two wives, who both died of complications of childbirth, on the basis of lines 4-5, Mine as whom washt from spot of child-bed taint, even that theory remains under question. Those who accept the theory then argue whether the subject is Mary Powell Milton, who died three days after giving birth, or Katherine Woodcock Milton, who died three months afterward. An additional theory holds that because the term Saint indicates simply a soul in heaven, any interpretation is further complicated.

Edwin Arlington Robinson 18691935

In the 1930s Frost came under increasing criticism from liberal and left-leaning literary journals for his opposition to President Roosevelt's New Deal, and his literary and political conservatism generally, but he remained committed to his own principles. This decade also saw a series of personal tragedies for the poet the death following childbirth of his favorite daughter in 1934, the death of his wife in 1938, and the suicide by gunshot of his son Carol in 1940. By 1950 Frost had become a revered American institution, his occasional teaching and his public appearances taking over from his now

She Stoop Figurative Language

The Beggar's Opera introduced the ballad opera, which would give birth to Sheridan's style and proved important in the much later development of the musicals of Gilbert and Sullivan. Because of its songs, the ballad opera contained much rhyming verse. A comic farce, it promoted a serious theme. It sent a message to the authorities who encouraged some crime in order to collect a percentage of the receipts. The message was that that tenuous control could be lost at any moment, victim to the greed of those who believed themselves in charge. Gay's opera also satirized Italian opera through its parody of grand musical presentations to highlight London's low life. He featured characters representing the real-life criminals Jonathan Wild and Jack Sheppard and also caricatured the prime minister, Sir Robert Walpole. During the prosperous era of the Hanoverian rule (1714-60), in which the Kings George spent as much time outside England in Hanover as possible, Walpole assumed extreme power....

Trisiras Ullikummi Hrungnir

The Hittite Song of Ullikummi relates a story with noteworthy similarities to this. Kumarbi, the father of the gods, has hostile designs towards the Storm-god. He copulates with a cliff, which gives birth to a stone child, Ullikummi. Ullikummi grows rapidly to a prodigious size, threatening the gods. The Storm-god is downcast. The goddess of love and sex arrays herself seductively, goes before Ullikummi, and makes music and sings, but he is blind and deaf to her charms. The Storm-god then attacks him with lightning and tempest. But these too are ineffective. Ullikummi is bigger than ever, nine thousand leagues high and the same in width, blocking communications among the gods. Finally his feet are cut through with the saw that once separated heaven and earth. The Storm-god renews the battle and (we must suppose the end is lost) brings the colossus crashing down. This narrative is agreed to be translated or adapted from a Hurrian original.79 Its Indo-European status is therefore...

Gunlaug Snakestongue And Raven

A fish, like a stone-perch, soft of flesh, came ashore with a tide on the sand. She ate the venomous grey-maw. There are many poisonous things in the sea Her belly grew big down from the breasts, so that she walked with jutting paunch, and sore in the womb and swollen in the guts. A boy came to light. She had told her husband that she was to give birth to a child. She thought the babe looked but a currish morsel, where he lay, as cowardly as a wild goat, when she saw his eyes.

Daughters of the Sun in other traditions

Them have no apparent relevance to the present context, as when in a Hittite narrative the Earth, 'daughter of the Sun-god', asks to be fed in the morning and is given groats( ) by the Sun or when we hear in the Edda that the Sun will give birth to a daughter as fair as herself to take her place after Ragnarak or when Albanian legend tells of a daughter of the Sun and Moon who is the dew and who helps a hero in his fight against a female dragon of rain and drought.124

Figurative Language In Holy Willies Prayer

After his father's death in 1784, Burns joined his brother Gilbert in renting another farm, but that venture did not prove successful. He began a sexual affair with Jean Armour, who became pregnant. Although she possessed a marriage agreement signed by Burns, it did not meet the conventional requirements for marriage, prompting her father to appeal to the local Kirk session for its censure. Burns apparently then balked at the agreement with Jean, confessing to his friend Gavin Hamilton that he wanted to end the relationship, sought his freedom, and might have impregnated another woman, the Mary Campbell who inspired some later poetry. With the failure of his business and the challenges to his marriage to Jean, Burns considered moving to the West Indies and hid from a warrant issued by Jean's father. While in hiding, he learned that Mary had died in childbirth, while Jean had delivered twins, Robert and Jean. Burns had in the meantime published a collection of poetry titled Poems,...

Sylvia Plath 19321963

Following this first volume, Plath began work on the poems eventually published posthumously in Crossing the Water (1971). These include a number of poems on childbirth and on life with her two children, Frieda born in 1960 and Nicholas in 1962. These were followed by the poems of Winter Trees (London 1971, New York 1972) and the poems of Ariel - the latter written in the mood of betrayal and vengeance that followed her discovery of Hughes's involvement with another woman, a family friend. Plath and Hughes had set up house in Devon by the time the marriage broke up, and Plath remained there in the final months of 1962, often writing a poem a day, poems centered around love, death, betrayal, rage, and entrapment. In a rush of creativity in October she wrote many of the poems that are her best known, including Daddy, Fever 103 , Lady Lazarus, and Ariel - the latter a wild ride, Suicidal, at one with the drive Into the red Eye, the cauldron of morning. Imagery of the Nazi years of...


Modern may, to some extent, regard some individuals as great, as benefiting from the interaction of change agents swirling about England in the period from 1500 to 1699. But even if they lean in that direction, they would still be aware of the fact that the English Renaissance did not solely or suddenly give birth to a group of very talented men. Early modern critics are aware that a collection of vastly differing incidents led to very profound changes in all aspects of English political, social, literary, cultural, and economic life, and these changes taken together were what led England to move out of medieval feudalism and begin to create the social, political, and economic structures that would eventually produce the realities of 20th- and 21st-century life.


I hear the screech of Childbirth loud pealing, & the groans Of Death, in Albions clouds dreadful utterd over all the Earth What may Man be who can tell but what may Woman be To have power over Man from Cradle to corruptible Grave. There is a Throne in every Man, it is the Throne of God This Woman has claimd as her own & Man is no more Albion is the Tabernacle of Vala & her Temple And not the Tabernacle & Temple of the Most High O Albion why wilt thou Create a Female Will

Audre Lorde 19341992

Lorde was born in New York City, to West Indian immigrants, the youngest of three daughters, and attended Hunter College after spending 1954 at the National University of Mexico. She graduated from Hunter in 1959. In 1962 she married Edward Ashley Rollins and gave birth to two children (the couple divorced in 1970). She went on to obtain a Masters degree in Library Science from Columbia University, and worked as a librarian in and around New York City until 1968.

The Song Of Maisuna

These feelings gave birth to the following simple stanzas, which she took the greatest delight in singing, whenever she could find an opportunity to indulge her melancholy in private. She was unfortunately overheard one day by Mowiah, who was of course not a little offended, both with the discovery of his wife's sentiments, and with the contemptuous manner in which she had expressed herself with regard to her husband and, as a punishment for her fault, he ordered her to retire from court. Maisuna immediately obeyed, and, taking

Verse Epitaphs

A Lucius Cornelius Scipio, son of Gnaeus, grandson of Gnaeus. This tombstone holds great wisdom and many virtues with a short life. This man , whose life, not his own probity, ran short for gaining public office (lit., ran short with respect to public office), and who was never surpassed in virtue, is buried here. Twenty years of age (lit., born twenty years), he has been entrusted to the places (i.e., the Underworld). Do not ask why he was not entrusted with public office. b Stranger, what I have to say is short stand by and read it through. Here is the not beautiful tomb of a beautiful woman. Her parents gave her the name of Claudia. She loved her husband with all her heart. She gave birth to two sons of these one she leaves on earth, the other she puts below the earth. Her conversation was charming, yet her bearing was proper. She kept house, she made wool. I have spoken what I have to say . Go on your way (lit., go away).

Religion at Rome

Jupiter (Iuppiter Iovis m.) The king of the gods and men (hominum deumque rex). The temple of Iuppiter Optimus Maximus (Jupiter best and greatest) on the Capitol was the most sacred place in Rome. Juno (Iuno Iunonis f.) The wife and sister ofjupiter, whose unfaithfulness was a cause of constant friction between the two. She was the goddess of marriage and childbirth. Neptune (Neptunus -1 m.) A brother ofjupiter and god of the sea. Pluto (Pluto Plutonis m., also called Dis Ditis) A brother ofjupiter and god of the Underworld, which he ruled without mercy or compassion. His wife, Proserpine (Proserpina -ae f., also called by her Greek name, Persephone), was queen of the dead. Saturn (Saturnus -i m.) The ruler of heaven and earth before being dethroned by his son, Jupiter. During Saturn's reign, mortals enjoyed simple lives in a rural setting and were content with plain food, such as acorns their happiness was complemented by their respect for honesty and justice. Venus (Venus Veneris...

New York Norton 1978

The questioning of patriarchal assumptions, the need for change, courage, and the power of the will, are themes in Adrienne Rich's poetry before The Dream of a Common Language, but in this volume for the first time they are fully focused upon the relationships between women, and the language that could express those relationships in poetry. Rich seeks a space for the voice of women free from the patriarchal tradition that the poetry claims has named things, defined form, and imposed an identity and definition upon women, thus limiting their actions and self-expression. Rich's poems in The Dream of a Common Language explore this space and search for this new language in a number of ways most of the poems are in the personal voice of the poet speaking out, describing, exercising the courage and freedom that the poems insist is essential. Many of the poems describe experiences only available to women lesbian love, childbirth, motherhood, sisterhood. Some use a frank, intimate voice to...

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Pregnancy And Childbirth

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