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Koo (ays that 'the dlscunion of tlie four tone* arose on thé left of the KSang;' »•«., during the time of the various dyniutio», which had their capital in the ancient Kin-ling, thence called Nanking, or the southern capital, during the greater portion of the fith and 6th comurie». I have translated the rest of the passage according to the sense of it, without attempting to nuikoa literal version.


differences of pronunciation.' Both admit that the tonal system was not completed before our fifth century; and both agree that the tones of characters were liable to change. The difference of opinion between them lies more in words than in things. I concur with Twan in accepting the existence of three tones during the Chow dynasty; and it will be found that the rhymes of the odes, as given at the end of each piece, have more than a sufficient amount of verisimilitude and consistency.

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