History Context And Text

This takes the form of two diagrams that seek to represent, respectively, the relationship between the intrinsic and contextual properties of any linguistic message and the specifically literary properties of a single message.

1 context message sender addresser contact code referential poetic

_ conative phatic metalingual

The first diagram is a relatively straightforward model of any act of linguistic communication. Consider our present circumstances. The assumed context of my message is the field of linguistics and literary criticism, a field whose aural and written exchanges are usually limited to the more specific context of higher education. The context will often determine the code, and, in this instance, I the sender, assume that you, the receiver, have become innured to the stylistic and disciplinary codes of talking and writing about language and literature. Contact is a further subdivision of context and code: in this case it is written rather than aural, with the likely and probably unfortunate condition that you cannot interrupt me to seek further clarification of my message. These six designations could be easily adapted to, say, the purchase of a receiver (addressee)

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