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A famous poetic defender of America's fiery freedoms, Blake unapologetically represented the revolutionary flames of enthusiasm and preserved the legacy of poetic enthusiasm for nineteenth-century poetry. Blake restored enthusiasm to the very state eighteenth-century British poets had worked so hard to alter (Mee 1992). Professed interlocutor with angels and idiosyncratic champion of his god within, Blake would associate enthusiasm directly with political revolution in America: A Prophecy (1793), and again in the dedication to Jerusalem (1804). He offers therein a most fitting final tribute to the importance of poetic enthusiasm throughout the prior century and beyond:

The Enthusiasm of the following Poem, the Author hopes no Reader will think presumptuousness or arroganc[e] when he is reminded that the Ancients entrusted their love to their Writing, to the full as Enthusiastically as I have who Acknowledge mine for my Saviour and Lord, for they were wholly absorb'd in their Gods. (plate 3)

See also chs. 4, "Poetry and Religion"; 9, "Poetry, Sentiment, and Sensibility"; 32, "Whig and Tory Poetics"; 34, "Augustanism and Pre-Romanticism"; 37, "The Sublime."

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