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Codrescu Andrei 1946 A wry

Born in Sibiu, Romania, Codrescu immigrated to the United States when he was 19. His writing career began with the publication of his first book, License to Carry a Gun (1970), while Codrescu was still learning to speak English. He became a U.S. citizen in 1981 but went back to Romania after the fall of the Ceausescu government, describing his trip in commentaries on National Public Radio and later on television. In 1983 he founded the literary magazine Exquisite Corpse A Journal of Letters and Life (see poetry journals), which was named for a word game invented by French surrealists in the 1920s. He wrote the screenplay for the award-winning film Road Scholar, which premiered on public television in 1994. Codrescu has received numerous awards, including three fellowships from the National Endowment for the Arts (1973, 1985, 1989), the Peabody Award for Road Scholar (1995), the American Civil Liberties Union Freedom of Speech Award (1995), and the Literature Prize of the Romanian...

The Arts And Death A Fugue For Sidney Cox William Bronk

The second idea Bronk presents is that life lives us, instead of the other way around L ife has always required to be stated again, which is not ever stated. Life is the active agent here the statement of it is ourselves. We are objects acted upon. Years later in the poem Life Supports (1981), Bronk writes, Life keeps me alive. Indeed, the poetic persona is not the decisive actor in much of Bronk's poetry. It is this technique that causes some scholars to see Bronk as an objec-tivist, since his use of the language disturbs an English speaker's basic assumptions about subject and object. It is the poem's subject that becomes objectified by this use of theme.

Finkel Donald 1929 Donald Finkel

Books of poetry, he has been nominated twice for the National Book Critics Circle Award (1975 and 1981), has been a finalist for the National Book Award (1970), and won the Dictionary of Literary Biography's Yearbook Award in 1994. Finkel's 1991 collection of translations, A Splintered Mirror Chinese Poetry from the Democracy Movement, brought English-speaking readers an important perspective on the Chinese dissident movement of the 1980s.

The appearance of Ireland

In the eighteenth century, Irish poets writing in English did not have as their goal the expression of national spirit, but viewed their work as an integral part of the British tradition, and wrote for a British audience. Matthew Campbell remarks that, in the nineteenth century, 'while many writers published for the large literary market in Britain and the new, English-speaking audiences of Irish origin in the United States, the poetry was often more concerned with its responsibility in preserving the authenticity of the cultural achievements of Ireland's past'.3 The audience of that literature and the Irish 'nation' were not identical. The intriguing fact about Irish culture at this time, and in some respects well into the twentieth century, was that English opinion often counted for more. Critics of several generations have tried to obscure this fact in order to preserve some pure Gaelic quality, but it no longer seems either desirable or possible to do so. For once we admit such a...

Terence Brown

Yeats's The Tower (a collection of twenty-one poems, including some of his greatest achievements as a poet) was published in London on 14 February 1928 he was a renowned literary figure and public man. His distinction as poet and man of letters, who had contributed by his cultural work to the independence movement in his native Ireland, had received the ultimate accolade in the award of the Nobel Prize for literature in December 1923. His life-long engagement in Irish cultural politics had also brought him to the significant office of Senator in the upper house of a new Dublin parliament, founded in 1922 after a bitter guerrilla war between a volunteer Irish Republican Army and the forces of the British Crown. He was in his sixty-third year when The Tower appeared, the husband of a much younger woman whom he had married in 1917. Georgie Hyde-Lees had borne him a daughter and a son and given him a family life in a splendid town-house on a noble square in the Irish capital,...

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