Daughters of the Sun in other traditions

Sporadic and somewhat heterogeneous references to a daughter of the Sun occur in several other branches of the Indo-European tradition. Some of

121 Cypria fr. 15 W., Theoc. 22. 137-211, Ov. Fast. 5. 699-720, Hyg. Fab. 80, etc.; Carl Robert, Die griechische Heldensage (Berlin 1920-3), 314-19. The Dioskouroi's temple was in the temenos of Phoibe at Therapne: Paus. 3. 14. 9, 20. 2, cf. Hdt. 6. 61. 3.

122 Late sources say that the Dioskouroi pursued Paris as far as Lesbos but there vanished from the earth (Dares 11), or that they seized Helen from him in Africa (St. Byz. p. 233. 20 s. v. AioaKovpwv KO/n).

123 For a new attempt to disentangle myth from history in the story of Troy see my lecture 'Geschichte und Vorgeschichte: die Sage von Troia', printed in Studia Troica 14 (2004), xiii-xx.

them have no apparent relevance to the present context, as when in a Hittite narrative the Earth, 'daughter of the Sun-god', asks to be fed in the morning and is given groats(?) by the Sun; or when we hear in the Edda that the Sun will give birth to a daughter as fair as herself to take her place after Ragnarak; or when Albanian legend tells of a daughter of the Sun and Moon who is the dew and who helps a hero in his fight against a female dragon of rain and drought.124

We find matter of greater interest among the Ossetic Nart legends. In one story the hero Soslan pursues a shining golden hart whom he sees at sunrise in a reed-bed. She is in fact Aziruxs ('this light'), the daughter of the Sun. He tracks her down, and after performing some difficult tasks he wins her in marriage. In another episode, while he is out hunting, she is abducted by the prince of the stronghold Xisa. When he finds out what has happened, he assembles the Nart army and goes and lays siege to the stronghold. They are unable to take it and return home downcast, but a second expedition is successful and Aziruxs is recaptured.125

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