Moorman, Frederic William. William Browne: His Britannia's Pastorals, and the Pastoral Poetry of the Elizabethan Age. 1897. Reprint, New York: Burt Franklin, 1969.

BROADSIDE Broadsides were songs sold in print for a half-penny or a penny in Britain, beginning in the

16th century. They were used in conjunction with discussions of politics or other subjects of interest at taverns and similar social gatherings. A cheap form of print readily available, existing broadsides contribute immeasurably to studies of literary, music, social, art, and printing history, although rarely dated or signed by their authors. Known for lavish woodcut illustrations, the documents can now be viewed online through projects such as that supported by the Bodleian Library of Oxford University, which has cataloged more than 30,000 ballads for research use. Broadsides celebrated legendary weddings and love affairs, as well as stirring patriotism and declaring allegiance with tales of the Jacobite rebellion and the Crimean War. They also acted as advertisements and souvenirs of events.

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