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CARPE DIEM Carpe diem, a Latin expression meaning "seize the day," is a label applied to poetry with a certain motif. Carpe diem poetry exhorts its audience or subject to make the most of the time they have, before life passes by. Horace initiated its usage, and he was imitated by Renaissance and later poets of devotional and erotic work, including Andrew Mar-vell, Robert Herrick, and Edmund Waller. Marvell's "To His Coy Mistress" is a widely anthologized example of the theme, as are Herrick's "Gather Ye Rosebuds While Ye May" and Waller's "Go Lovely Rose." In those examples the speaker seeks to persuade a young woman to give up her chastity, stressing the urgency of time, as in Waller's first two lines, "Go lovely Rose, / Tell her that wastes her time and me." The use of the rosebud as a symbol of a young virgin and the rose in full bloom as a more mature and sexually aware woman was common.

CARTER, ELIZABETH (1717-1806) Elizabeth Carter was the eldest daughter of the Reverend Nicholas Carter of Canterbury Cathedral and his wife, Margaret Swayne. She fortunately received an education equal to that of her brothers, allowing her an early grasp of classical and modern languages. She participated willingly, studying so hard that she later credited that work for headaches and her nearsighted vision, as well as a snuff addiction, as she had taken snuff to help her remain awake to read late into the night. She lost her mother when she was only 10, but her father remained attentive to her needs and talents. When his friend Edward Cave founded Gentleman's Magazine, her father encouraged Elizabeth's submissions, and she began to publish in that periodical in 1734. This necessitated a regular correspondence with Cave, which was later preserved in the British Library. She not only contributed the juvenilia titled Poems upon Particular Occasions

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