"When night's black mantle"

(Wroth) 312, 458-459, 466 Whipple, Edwin 357 Whitshed, William 445-446 "Why So Pale and Wan, Fond Lover?" (Suckling) 385, 459 Wild, Jonathan 122, 370 Wilkie, William 173 William III (king of England) 120, 130, 188, 211, 328-329, 343, 388 Williams, Aubrey 135 Williamson, Marilyn L. 244 "Willing Mistress, The" (Behn)

35, 459-460 Wilmot, John. See Rochester,

John Wilmot, second earl of Winchilsea, countess of. See

Finch, Anne "Windows, The" (Herbert) 206,

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