Sins of the Government, Sins of the

Nation (Barbauld) 31 "Sir Eustace Grey" (Crabbe) 90 situational irony 236 slant rhyme 347 "Slow, Slow, Fresh Fount" (Jonson) 241, 362-363 smallpox vaccine viii, 273 Smart, Christopher 363-364 "My Cat Jeoffry" viii, 38, 60,

174, 277-279, 363 A Song to David 372-373 Smith, Benjamin 365 Smith, Charlotte Turner viii, 364-366 "Pressed by the Moon"

327-328, 366 "Thirty-Eight" 366, 393394

Smith, Edward 251

301, 427 Smollett, Tobias 239 Smythe, James Moore 156-157,

444-445 Snail: Or The Lady's Lucubrations...

by Eloisa, The (Boyd) 40 Sneyd, Honora 358 Sociable Letters (Cavendish)

62-63, 466 Solomon on the Vanity of the World

(Prior) 329 Some Reflections on Marriage

(Astell) 69 "Song—For A That and A That" (Burns) 48, 367-368

"Song for St. Cecilia's Day, A"

(Dryden) 11, 130, 368-369 "Song from Shakespeare's Cymbeline, A" (Collins) 74,

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