and Rochester (John Wilmot)

129, 352

"A Song for St. Cecilia's Day"

11, 130, 368-369 and swift (Jonathan) 106 "To the Memory of Mr. Oldham" 130, 294, 408-410

"To the Pious Memory of the Accomplish'd Young Lady Mrs. Anne Killigrew"

on Waller (Edmund) 306, 452

Duchess of Malfi, The (Webster)

38,119 Dudley, Robert 123 Dunciad, The (Pope) 131-136,

156, 157, 164, 326 Dunlap, Rhodes 143 Dutton, William 36, 266 Dyer, Hugh 136 Dyer, John 136-137

and Drayton (Michael) 125 "Grongar Hill" 136, 199-201

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