narrative allegory 13 narrative ballad 28, 38 narrative poem 260 Nassaar, Christopher S. 197 Nature's Pictures (Cavendish) 61 "Negro's Complaint, The"

(Cowper) 75, 89, 282-283 Newbery, John 363 Newcastle, duchess of. See

Cavendish, Margaret New Historicist critics 14, 79,

149-150, 183,334 New Inn, The (Jonson) 241, 290

Newton, Sir Isaac 222, 395 "Night, The" (vaughan) 283285, 442 "Night-piece, to Julia, The"

(Herrick) 208, 285-286, 433 Nimphidia (Drayton) 125 Nine Muses, The (Manley) 140 "No blooming youth shall ever make me erre" (Philips) 320 "Nocturnal Reverie, A" (Finch) 176

"Nocturnal upon St. Lucy's Day,

"Noonday" (Thomson) 221, 222 Nosce Teipsum (Davies) 194 "Nox Nocti Indicat Scientiam"

(Habington) 14 "Nymph Complaining for the Death of Her Fawn, The" (Marvell) 267, 286-287, 347

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