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Reiki Energy Healing Bracelet

Reiki Healing Bracelet is an artistic decorations meant to balance chakras and boost your energy quality, leave alone your aura. It is made up of seven gem stones in alignment to the seven chakras of the human body. It is a product of a number of specialists who are much gifted in energy healing systems, well acquainted with the knowledge and principles of energy healing commodities. The product is entirely based on beliefs through which it is known to provide individuals with energy life, maintaining their physical strength as well as a positive environs. Any sincere person who aspire to remain young for as a long as possible is a perfect for this program. The product is made of very unique stones that will with no doubt calm and help you maintain focus. By maintaining your body energy and strength, you will remain healthy and strong for long. Get it now and enjoy a healthy life. Read more...

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Spiritual Connection Pendant

Many times we try to connect to the divine; however, somehow we tend to fail. This failure is not a factor of our faults but the ways in which we try to connect. With Spiritual Connection Pendant, forget about that failure and step into a world of peace and tranquility leading all the way to and governed by the Divine itself. This unusual pendant has a sacred image or symbol of the sacred ancient Tree of Life that is revered by almost every religion and civilization. Even, this regard for the symbol dates back to the ancient times when Mayans, Egyptians, Mesopotamians, Celts, and Assyrian were at their full boom in their respective ages. The main answer of why the Tree of Life is worshipped universally is deep-rooted in the fact that it represents the Divine flow of creation and energy from the creator to every being on this planet. To savor the fruits of that flow and to entrench your connection with the Divine, have this pendant now. Wear it or keep it in your bag, it will grant you the spiritual fullness you deserve and have a desire for. Read more...

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Reiki Healing Mastery Course

The Pure Reiki Healing Mastery program is a natural step by step kit that help you gain mental as well as physical health in life. It will not only help you gain mental health, but will also help you to cure other people with just the touch of your hand. Owen Coleman, the author claims to have developed his method to go back to the original intent of its founderhence the term Pure Reiki. With this superb self-recovering course, the users will get 3 PDF ebook manuals and videos, a music CD, etc, which can be utilized to gain credibility of being an experienced Reiki expert. You need to use all these items step by step to get complete freedom from stressed and unhealthy lifestyle. You need not use any type of drug or prescription to get cured. It uses simple hand massages, exercises, listening to music, etc. to cure even the most lethal form of brain damage. You can cure a variety of diseases from digestive disorders, heart problems, and skin disorders to mental illness. Bone disorders can also be treated with the help of the program. Read more...

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Author: Owen Coleman
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Activate The Self Healing Process Within You

This Activate the self-healing process within you has been authored by Carolyne Hansen. She is a long-term holistic health. In addition, she owns and operates an anytime fitness gym. The book is a course that contains several components for building and maintaining a superior health, this you can achieve by activating the untapped natural self-healing process in your body. It is about the simple lifestyle strategies that will help you to keep off aging and maintain a superior health status for a long time. This product shows you how to activate your innate healing power. The course program is presented to you as an e-book material in digital form as the primary source of information for the course. Downloadable on electronic device. This product is for all those who wish to boost their health levels and reduce or avoid the chances of being affected by life-threatening diseases. Furthermore, you do not require any special skill set to use this course program, all you have to do is follow the instruction manual highlighted in it and revamp your body's vital defense system. It is in summary the best information about your body that can change your health status for a very lifetime. Read more...

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Reiki Solas Online Reiki Training

Reiki Solas is an online training course designed by Reiki Master and Kundalini Yoga Master Yogi Ricky Mathieson. The techniques employed in the course involves some of the world's most powerful cleansing exercises including Reiki, Kundalini Yoga, and the ancient spiritual knowledge, wisdom, and techniques. After going through the course, you will receive more than just healing. You will receive a guiding light that your heart has been longing for many years. The course consists of over 17 hours of high definition video lectures, articles, and guided meditation, which you need to get through to see the results. The course is broken down into 10 levels. Level 1 to four is readily available to download, while level 5 is still under production. The next five levels from 6 to 10 will be produced very soon. Reiki Solas has numerous advantages. It is proven techniques for pain relief, balances your energy field, expands your awareness, enhances meditation, it helps one heal broken relationships, it boosts your immunity, amplifies your self-healing ability. You will get to interact with the author of this program Yogi Ricky Mathieson on-on-one. Ricky has over 19 years of energy channeling experience in a variety of Reiki disciplines. Read more...

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Nizamis Makhzan alasrar

A special feature of the poem is the extensive introduction which contains the account of the experiences the poet claims to have had during his solitary vigils, called khalvat. There is no indication that one should take these vigils to the letter, that is as the report of actual Sufi practices. They really are nothing but a literary fantasy used by Nizami to expose his ideas on the duties of the spiritually inclined poet he wanted to be. The aim he pursues in this work is to transcend the limitations of the secular literature of the courts. In a mannered and highly rhetorical style he relates the allegory of a search for his own heart. With this Nizami joins in a discussion on the destination of Persian poetry which had started with Sana'I and was continued by others, in the

Baca Jimmy Santiago 1952

Jimmy Santiago Baca has been a premier Chicano poet and essayist. While revealing the soul-searing anguish of a life forced into desperation and incarceration, his work is also a testament to the healing power of language. The complex heritage of Chicano culture is evident in Baca's poetry. In his memoir, he acknowledges William Carlos williams's common language and Walt Whitman's long adventurous lines. Furthermore, Baca's channeling of intense passion is informed by a Spanish language tradition For me, he writes, there were no schools, no writing workshops. But there were the voices of Pablo Neruda and Federico Garcia Lorca, Jaime Sabines and Octavio Paz . . . who in solitude begged on their knees all their lives for one word, one image, to redeem their misery and celebrate their joy (Working in the Dark 59-60). Baca was born in Santa Fe, New Mexico. The landscape of the Southwest provides a source of regeneration for the poet and the Chicano people he celebrates, as in Black Mesa...

Thomas Healy Upon Appleton House

Jack tries without success to convince Jill that poetry offers sustenance suitable for the gods, its Nectar and Ambrosia far more spiritually beneficial than meat is beneficial to the flesh. With no wish to live as a starving, near-death poet, Jill desires something other than a poet's food, which is no food at all. Her voice completes the fifth line and continues until the poem's indelicate conclusion

Cu Chulainn Setanta first century

Cu Chulainn was killed after breaking the geas (magical condition) laid upon him by Druids and becoming spiritually weakened. Lugaid, son of Cu Roi, killed his charioteer, his horse, and then, finally, Cu Chulainn himself. Emer died of grief soon afterward. According to tradition, the couple are buried in one grave, marked with an ogham stone.

Litany In Time Of Plague A Adieu Farewell Earths Bliss

Each stanza concludes with a refrain drawn directly out of the Elizabethan Book of Common Prayer I am sick, I must dye Lord, have mercy on us is a response to the litany of saints and was a phrase often posted on the doors of plague-infected homes. Such direct, topical reference to the disease ravaging London, a descendent of the Black Death, localizes the poem's broad concluding statement about the necessity of preparing spiritually for the afterlife Haste therefore eche degree, To welcome destiny Heaven is our heritage (ll. 1609-11). Universal concerns are accommodated to the particular individuals for whom the song was first performed namely, those being sheltered from plague in Whitgift's country home. In this way, the somber religious overtones of the Litany encourage a sense of spiritual community a community of sufferers and worshippers, regardless of degree, or station in life that differs from the secular versions of community in the play, which result from participation in...

General Survey Of Periods Authors And Works

Much poetry contains political, religious, and cultural themes, and poets of all periods surveyed in this volume provide excellent examples of this fact. For instance, the seemingly light-hearted love poetry of the Renaissance reflects the tension felt by the Cavalier poets, such as Thomas Carew, Sir John Suckling, and Robert Lovelace, who depended upon the courts pleasure for their livelihood. It also reflects in John Donne's case his struggle to overcome fleshly pleasures of his youth as he moves into a more spiritually reflective stylistic maturity. His rebellion against control appears clearly in his adoption of metaphysical references later embraced and celebrated, but viewed with great skepticism during his own time. George Herbert expressed

Biblical Paraphrase

Such a proclamation locates Young as a Newtonian, his devotion closely linked to the awe felt when confronted with the vastness of the natural world and universe all will be destroyed, to confirm humankind's position as spiritually wanting yet the believer will be saved, conveying the self-sufficiency of those with faith. A mighty, mighty ruin writes Young of the devastated universe, yet one from which the believer is redeemed one soul Has more to boast, and far outweighs the whole (A Poem on the Last Day, iii. 294-5).

Anne Sexton

Single word gone represents her inability to make any public comment about her parents' death. The word cuts in two ways the parents are gone to the grave, but she too is already gone, mentally and spiritually absent from the scene, as she walks out of the church. Instead of joining in the funeral procession and thus participating in the expected rituals of mourning, Sexton refuses the stiff procession to the grave and instead drives to Cape Cod. This escape into a new landscape - one which suggests the desire to be surrounded by sea and sky rather than by artifacts of the human world -allows her to regain at least a partial sense of being alive.

Douglas Houston

Anglo-Welsh poetry has emotional and stylistic qualities relating to its sense of cultural displacement and the need to negotiate between past and present that Conran describes. Modernity gives rise to its own particular strain of hiraeth. This definitively Welsh state of longing is perhaps nearer the German Sehnsucht than the English nostalgia, but seems deeper in affective intensity and more spiritually elevated than either. Present in the passionately elegiac quality of much Welsh verse in English from earlier decades of the twentieth century, it fades to more muted registrations of an absent community of values in later Anglo-Welsh writing. As such, the Anglo-Welsh descendant of hiraeth is linked with the widespread acknowledgement of a missing moral term that is part of the modern yearning for a more knowable past and a less alienating present.

Angelic Reiki

Angelic Reiki

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