Ap5 194

*i27 (GP Asclep. 35) The purple whip and shimmering reins that deck the horse-ennobled portico are gifts of Plangon who beat Philaenis, fierce contender, racing bareback, steed against steed, the colts of evening just starting to whinny! Beloved Cypris, grant her the glory she deserves 5

in victory, a touch of your beauty that lasts for ever!

It was off your shore, Paphian Cytherea, that Cleandrus saw

Nico swimming in the savage waves and took fire, drawing up into his heart dry coals of love from the glistening girl! Down went his ship right where he stood, while she 5

still tasting the sea stepped softly to land. Now both burn together in longing—for not in vain were the prayers that he prayed from that shore.

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