Slow down as you pass this tomb, and greet Aristippus, an old man who aged well, and now lies here. Look, too, at his tearless stone—a stone that he feels as a light weight upon him under the earth. For he had what an old man cherishes most: children who buried him 5 and children of his daughters, whom he'd lived to see.

The Poems of Posidippus V. THE MAKING OF STATUES

62 (X7) Imitate these works, O creators of living shapes, and, yes, hurry past old-fashioned rules of statuary! For if ancient works [of the sculptor's] hand—either Hagelaides, that absolute antique, older than Polyclitus, or the stiff figures [of Deinomenes]—had entered the field, 5

what would be the point, lining up here the new creations of Lysippus as our touchstone? But if it must be so and [a contest] comes about, [he set the limit] for modern artists!

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