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Archetype is an individualization process which is more of a personal calling to facilitate a personal discovery of your inner being. Individualization process comes in different programs which are set uniquely to help you have a better understanding of your inner being to help bring out the best you at all times. The archetype program is owned and operated by Mettlence Pte Ltd which uses advanced technology like use of cookies in getting your personal information. The program provides 60-day money guarantee a total refund to any user who feels not satisfied with the program. This program is associated with many benefits some of them being able to discover your inner self, getting knowledge on how to control your ego which suppresses your personal growth and achievements. The program also helps individuals in identifying their drive-in life and achieve all their set goal, and lastly, the program helps individuals in acquiring high levels of self-esteem. Continue reading...

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Doctor Horoscope So truly Horoscope its virtue knows, To this bright idol 'tis, alone, he bows And fancies that a thousand pound supplies The want of twenty thousand qualities. Doctor Horoscope Francis Bernard (1627-98), physician on the staff of St. Bartholomew's Hospital, London Doctor Horoscope's Soliloquy


From its very inception the New Science was promising material for satire, especially in its institutional manifestation, the Royal Society. To early modern eyes, used to a nonexperimental world-view, the activities of the scientists could seem downright bizarre, if not actually atheistic. The main target was the virtuoso or person who collected all kinds of oddities and grotesques from nature in the name of science, thus violating both moral and aesthetic codes at once. Dr. Samuel Garth's mock-heroic poem The Dispensary (1699) famously satirized an undignified squabble between the physicians and apothecaries (roughly equivalent to today's pharmacists) and described Horoscope, a virtuoso apothecary who collects all manner of strange objects from mummies to shark heads, flying fish to alligators, and dry'd bladders to drawn teeth (ii. 122ff.). Pope, whose Rape of the Lock had been influenced by Garth's poem, famously attacked scientists in the fourth book of his Dunciad (1742), where...

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