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Horace Odes 3.9

While I was pleasing to you and no more (lit., nor did any more) favored youth put [his] arms around [your] white neck, I flourished in greater happiness (lit., more happy) than the king of the Persians.

"While you did not burn more because of another [woman] (i.e., than because of me), and Lydia (i.e., I myself) was not behind Chloe, I, Lydia of much renown, flourished in greater fame (lit., more famous) than Roman Ilia."

Thracian Chloe now rules me, skilled in sweet melodies and versed in the lyre; for her (lit., whom) I will not fear to die if the fates spare [my] darling and let her live.

"Calais, son of Ornytus from Thurii, sets me on fire with a mutual torch; for him (lit., whom) I will suffer death twice (lit., to die twice) if the fates spare [my] boy and let him live."

What if [our] former love returns and forces us, [now] separated, with [its] bronze yoke, if fair-haired Chloe is shaken off and [my] door lies open to cast-off Lydia?

"Although he is more beautiful than a star [and] you are more fickle (lit., lighter) than a cork and more hot-tempered than the tempestuous Adriatic, I would love to live with you [and] would willingly die with you."

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