Hie Dream of Ilia

Ennius Annales i fr. xxix

And with trembling limbs, the old woman quickly brought a torch. Then she (Ilia), crying [and] frightened out of sleep, spoke thus, "Daughter (lit., born) of Eurydica, whom our father loved, strength and life now abandon my whole body. For a handsome man seemed to carry me off through pleasant willow groves and [river] banks and strange places. [And] thus afterwards, sister of mine (lit., full sister), I seemed to wander alone and slowly search and look for you but not be able to grasp you in [my] heart. No path guided [my] foot. Then [our] father seemed to address me with [his] voice in these words, 'O daughter, you must first (lit., before) endure troubles, later [your] fortune will rise again from a river.' After saying this (lit., these [things]), [our] father suddenly went away, sister, nor did he, [though] desired by [my] heart, appear to [my] sight, although many [times] in tears (lit, crying) I stretched [my] hands to the blue regions of the sky and called with coaxing voice. Just now sleep left me with my heart sick."

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