Hie Golden

Tibullus Elegies 1.3.35-50

How well [people] used to live when Saturn was king, before the earth was cleared into long roads. [A ship of] pine had not yet scorned the blue waves and exposed [its] billowing sail to the winds, nor had a roving sailor, taking back profits from unknown lands, weighed down [his] ship with foreign merchandise. At that time, a strong bull did not go under (i.e., submit to) the yoke, a horse did not take a bit in its teeth with subdued mouth, no house had doors, a stone [was] not planted on land (lit,, in fields) to determine (lit., which should determine) fields with fixed boundaries. The oak trees themselves used to give honey, and of [their] own accord, sheep used to bring udders of milk to meet people, who were free from care. There was no battle line, no anger, no wars, nor did a cruel blacksmith form a sword with merciless skill. Now under Jupiter's rule, [there are] constandy slaughter and wounds, now [there is] the sea, now many a way of death has been found.

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