Hie Necessity of Writing Satire

Juvenal Satires 1.1-18

Will I always be only a listener? Will I never retaliate after being harassed so often by the Theseid of hoarse Cordus? So, then with impunity will that person have recited comedies to me, this person elegies? Will a huge [poem about] Telephus have taken up a day with impunity, or a [poem about] Orestes, which, after the margin at the end of the book was already full, was written also on the back and is not yet finished (lit., Orestes, the margin of the end of the book [being] already full, written also on the back and not yet finished)?

No one knows his own house better than I know the grove of Mars and the cave of Vulcan near the cliffs of Aeolus; what the winds are doing, what Shades Aeacus is torturing, from where another [fellow] carries off the gold of the stolen [sheep] skin, [and] how large [are] the ash trees [that] Monychus hurls [as missiles], [these are matters that] the plane trees of Fronto and shattered marble and columns broken by the constant reciter are always shouting. You can expect the same from the best and worst poet.

Well, I too have withdrawn [my] hand from the rod, and I have given advice to Sulla that he should sleep soundly as a private citizen. It is foolish clemency, when you run into so many poets everywhere, to spare the doomed paper (lit., paper going to perish).

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