Hie Wild Life

In Roman society, as in our own, wild; living and debauchery were frowned upon: but were engaged in anyway. Some writers censured the enthusiasm for, orgies that existed among members of the idle rich. Lucretius tells of how such pleasures lead to disillusionment;

Eximia veste et victu convivĂ­a, ludi, pocula crebra, unguenta, coronae, serta parantur, nequiquam, quoniam medio de fonte leporum surgit amari aliquid, quod in ipsis floribus angat.

De rerum natura 4.113 iff. Banquets with magnificent clothes and food, games, plenty of cups, unguents, wreaths [and] garlands are made ready, [but] in vain,: since fromthe the middle ofpleasure's fount(lit;.; the fountain of charms) a bitterness (lit,, somethingbitter) comes up that chokes amid the flowers themselves.

More damning still is the complaint Juvenal puts in the mouth of, an aged debauchee:

Nunc mihi quid suades post damnum temporis et spes deceptas? festinat enim decurrere velox flosculus angustae miseraequebrevissima vitae portio; dum bibimus, dum serta, unguenta, puellas poscimus, obrepit non intellecta senectus. Satires 9.12;ff.

Now what are you telling me to do after the waste of [my]

time and cheated hopes? For the'transient flower and [our]

meager share of a limited and wretched life hasten to a close.

While we drink,whilewecallfor:garlands,unguents [and]

girls, old age creeps up [on us] unawares.


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