Vergil Georgics 2.136-157

But neither the groves of the Medes, the richest land, nor the fair Ganges and Hermus, thick with gold, could contend with the praises of Italy, nor (lit., not) Bactra nor the Indians and all Panchaia, rich with [its] incense-bearing sands. Bulls breathing fire from [their] nostrils have not plowed (lit,, turned over) these places for sowing the teeth of a savage dragon, nor has a crop of men bristled with helmets and closely packed spears; but abundant harvests and the Massic juice of Bacchus have filled [them (i.e., these places)]; olive trees and fat herds cover [them].

From here the warhorse advances proudly on the plain, from here, Clitum-nus, white herds and a bull, the largest sacrifice, dipped in your sacred river, have often led Roman triumphal processions to the temples of the gods. Here [there is] constant spring and summer in months not its own. [Farm] animals [are] pregnant twice [a year], twice [a year] a tree shows its use (lit., [is] useful) with [its] fruits. But raging tigers and the fierce offspring of lions are not here, nor does aconite deceive the unfortunate reapers, nor does a scaly snake hurry [its] huge coils over the ground nor does it gather itself into a spiral with a mighty upward movement. Add so many splendid cities and the toil of [human] achievements, so many towns raised up by hand on precipitous rocks and rivers flowing at the base of ancient walls.

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