Of Arms and the

Vergil Aeneid 1.1-n

I sing of arms and of the man who, an exile by fate, first came from the shores of Troy to Italy and the coasts of Lavinium, much tossed both on land and on the deep through the violence of the gods because of the unforgetting anger of fierce

Juno, [and] having suffered many things also in war as well, until he would establish a city and bring [his] gods to Latium. From this source [arose] the Latin race and the Alban fathers and the walls of lofty Rome.

Muse, recount to me the reasons—through offense to what aspect of her divinity or because of what resentment (lit,, grieving over what) did the queen of the gods drive a man, distinguished by piety, to suffer so many misfortunes [and] to take on so many labors. [Is there] such great anger in divine hearts?

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