Quis custodiet

In his sixth satire, On Women, Juvenal considers how husbands keep watch over their potentially adulterous wives.


; consilia et veteres quaecumque monetis amici, "pone seram, cohibe." sed quis custodiet ipsos custodes, qui nunc lascivae furta puellae . hac mercgde silentf Satires 6.O29IE

I'm acquainted with [your] advice and all [your] warnings, -

[my] old friends: "Put a holt [on the door], confine [her]:." But who willguard theguards, who now receive thispayment for keeping quiet about the love affairs of the loose woman (lit.; who now for this payment are quiet...)? \ : ' (The guards receive sexual favors in return for their silence.)

The question Quis custodiet ipsos custodes? is often used in politics as an expression of concern regarding the reliability and accountability of those in positions of public trust.

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