Seize the Dayi

Horace Odes 1.11

Do not ask—it is not for us to know (lit., it is wrong to know)—what end the gods have assigned (lit, given) to me [and] what to you, Leuconoe, and do not try out Babylonian numbers. How better [it is] to endure whatever will be, whether Jupiter has assigned [to us] many winters or [he has assigned as our] last [the one] that now breaks the Tyrrhenian Sea on opposing rocks! Be wise, strain the wine, and within a brief time span cut short far-reaching (lit., long) hope. While we are talking, envious time will have fled. Pluck the day, trusting in the next as little as possible. (7bis last sentence is often translated as Seize the day; put little trust in the morrow.)

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