Ovid Ars amatdria 3.113-128

Previously there was unrefined simplicity. Now Rome is golden and possesses the great wealth of the conquered world. Observe what the twin peaks of the Capitol are now and what they were; you will say that the latter belonged to (lit., was of) another Jupiter. The Senate-house, which now is most worthy of so great a council, was [made] of straw when Tatius held the kingdom. What was the Palatine that now shines with [the temple of] Phoebus and [the house of] our leaders, except pastures for oxen before plowing?

Let ancient [things] please others; I rejoice that I was born now; this age is suited to my character, not because malleable gold is now removed from the earth and a choice pearl comes from a distant shore, nor because mountains grow smaller because of the marble quarried, nor because blue waters are put to flight by a pile, but because now there is refinement, and that coarseness that survived our ancient forebears has not persisted (lit., stayed) up to our times.

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